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Machine specifications

  • Heating Method: Constant Heat Constant Heat
  • Power: Requirement 220VAC +/-10%, 50/60 Hz, 1.5kVA
  • Supply Pressure: Filtered Clean and Dry Air, 5 - 7kgf/cm2
  • Hold Temp: 30°C ~ 250°C
  • Hold Period: 0.1 to 25 seconds at 0.05 seconds accuracy
  • ACF Delay to Peel: 0 to 5 seconds
  • ACF Tape Advance: 2mm to 80mm at 0.1mm interval
  • ACF Width: 1.0mm to 8mm
  • ACF Type: 2 layer / Single Protective Layer
  • ACF Cutting Method: Half Cut
  • Work Area : Diameter 334mm
  • LCD Panel Size : 100mm (L) x 90mm (W)
  • Dimensions : 600mm (L) x 780mm (W) x 1350mm (H)


The ACF Pre-attachment Machine is ideally suited for production needs in the attachment of Anisotropic Conductive Film (ACF) onto LCD, glass panel, flexible circuits, PCB and a wide variety of substrates. Constant heat is utilized as the heating source to ensure consistency in the temperature across the heater block.