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TM-36GL Soft to Rigid attachment machine is designed for laminating soft film onto hard glass. Laminating process takes place within a vacuum chamber. The bottom fixtures are interchangeable. For soft to rigid lamination, top heating with bottom mesh and roller configuration is deployed. It has the flexibility of attaching substrate sizes ranging from 7"~12".


TM-38GL-2 Machine is designed for attachment of Rigid to Rigid substrate. This dual station machine has the capability of attaching substrate size from 2" to 8". The machine comes with vision system which auto alignment both rigid substrates followed by vacuum lamination. Loading & Unloading substrates are done manually.


TM-603 Anti-Glare(AG Film) Attachment Machine is specifically designed to perform attachment of polarizer onto LCD panel. This machine is design to perform single attachment at a time. Alignment is done with the aid of real time magnified video of the panel's alignment markings.


TM-113 Optical Clear Adhesive Lamination Machine is designed for Auto Linear Peeling for CG and Vacuum Lamination. The machine has the flexibility of laminating substrate sizes ranging from 7 to 15.6". Loading & Unloading substrates are done manually.


TM-602A Semi-Automated Film Lamination Machine is specifically designed to perform attachment of ITO Film, PSA, OCA, PET to soft or rigid substrate (LCD). With both a top & bottom vision system and a highly precise alignment unit, it is able to align and attach substrates up to a high accuracy of +/-0.05 mm with present of good target mark.